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Below is a very special edition of a podcast called Soul Flex, this series is entitled “I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

It is an exploration into the world of ghosts and spirits. It also features an on location ghost hunt at a haunted armory in Sanford, Florida

People claim to have seen them, they hear them, they are afraid of them. Our culture is absolutely fascinated with ghosts and the paranormal. Have you ever wondered as a follower of Jesus Christ how you need to respond to that? What is that people are seeing? Are they really seeing a ghost? Should they be afraid? And what does it all mean? Well just in time to answer these questions in a lighthearted, informative, and irreverent way comes the latest edition of Soul Flex… So if you have been terrified by things that go bump in the night…don’t be…instead lets figure out what is really going on. Michael Simmonds, LeeAnn Stayer, Richard Israel, and Jeff Dixon are your hosts as they debunk, explore, explain, and even offer a special on-location feature during this series. This is an unscripted and uncensored discussion of what faith should look like, listen in, and join in the conversation.

You can listen in a streaming format on your computer, you can download them and burn them to CD, or copy them to your personal media player and take them with you. Go ghost hunting in this edition of Soul Flex!
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If you are ready to face your fears and learn to live life with confidence, then take some time and e-mail one of the Fear Hunters at jdixon@touchandchange.com