Face the Fear

We Will Be Opened Rain or Shine (or darkness as the case may be)
The waiting area is under roof so you will be dry.

Dates & Times:

Please visit us Oct. 24-26


$10.00 per adult
$5.00 per child (10 and under)

Concessions and Souvenir shirts will be available


The Woods on Ronald Reagan Blvd, across from the Worship @ The Warehouse sign
(See the directions page for more information)

(407) 324-0203


Face the Fear has a reputation of creating some of the most innovative, creative, and fun fright experiences anywhere in the state of Florida.
The 2013 edition of Face the Fear opens soon for a limited season offering the best in Halloween scares and thrills…join us this year for….
“The Bigfoot Live Experience”

You are invited to face your fears at The Bigfoot Live Experience.
Each guest will enter the Cryptozoology Research Center with the opportunity to see for themselves the bigfoot that has been captured in the woods of Seminole County.
Now on display for a limited engagement you can come face to face with this legendary creature and see it in captivity.
Using infrared, motion sensing technology, listening stations and sophisticated traps, scientists spent nearly a year investigating this area, which previously was the location of Billy Jo’s Swamp Tours. The Swamp Tour had developed a reputation for losing people on the tour and was forced to be shut down. The tourist portion of the Swamp Tour has been abandoned but researchers discovered the reason people many have been disappearing may have had a connection to bigfoot activity in the area. In April of 2013, the elusive creature was finally captured unharmed and has been undergoing scientific examination ever since.

For a few days in October, the creature will be on display for the world to see.
Are you ready to face your fear? Join us for The Bigfoot Live experience!
Please note the following….
*Face the Fear : The Bigfoot Live Experience is designed to be a fear event that gives each guest the opportunity to come face to face with fear in a fun, safe, and secure environment.
**The Bigfoot Live Experience is an outdoor experience that takes you through the forest and woods. It is highly recommended that closed toe shoes be worn to take this wilderness adventure.
The management of Face the Fear reserves the right to deny entrance to any person who is not properly attired.

***The Bigfoot Live Experience is a fear encounter that brings you face to face with a number of opportunities to be frightened in a controlled environment.
No guest will be permitted to carry a flashlight or operate a flash camera while inside the encounter for their safety and the safety of our actors and all wildlife creatures, including Bigfoot.