Face the Fear


 2015 Dates & Times:

Please visit us 10/23, 10/24 & 10/30, 10/31
(Friday/Saturday both weekends)


$12.00 per adult
$6.00 per child (10 and under)

Concessions will be available for purchase

Cash and debit/credit accepted


Former Longwood Elementary (Currently Seminole Virtual Instruction Program)
(See the directions page for more information)

(407) 324-0203


Dolls International Exhibition (D.I.E.)

The Dolls International Exhibition (D.I.E.) is getting ready to have a Gala Grand Opening – you are invited to be one of our special guests. We would like you to have the chance to get a sneak preview of the exhibition before it opens to the general public.

Famed doll designer, Judi Kewpie has devoted her life to collecting, restoring, and preserving dolls for historical and entertainment purposes. For the first time ever… Judi has decided to allow the general public to get an all-access look behind the scenes into the doll manufacturing process as well an opportunity to see her most controversial and creepy exhibit – The Cursed Doll Collection.

Each doll in the collection has a story and is rumored to be cursed. While each one is reported to have been responsible for horrific acts of terror, most believe this to be silly superstition and urban legend. According to most legends, whenever these dolls have been put on display there has been tragic consequences, also according to legend anyone who has tried to photograph these dolls has fallen victim to unfortunate accidents.

It is a chance for you to come face to face with terror and the stuff of nightmares as you view these cursed dolls. Of course, nothing could ever go wrong. After all.. they are just dolls…right?