Face the Fear


 2016 Dates & Times:

Please visit us 10/21, 10/22 & 10/28, 10/29, 10/30
(Friday-Saturday first weekend/Friday-Sunday second weekend)


$13.00 per adult
$6.00 per child (10 and under)

Concessions will be available for purchase

Cash and debit/credit accepted


The Longwood Village Inn

300 N Ronald Reagan Blvd in Longwood
(See the directions page for more information)

(407) 324-0203


What if a new clean source of energy had been discovered right here in Central Florida?
What is the discovery just happened to have been made in one of the most haunted locations in the state?
What if a brand new start-up company has found a way to harness and use that energy?
What if they decided to have a party and allow the general public to see what they were doing?

What if?….
You Screm
We all Screm!

iScrem – Face the Fear 2016

Want to know more?
Face the Fear is the award winning, wildly creative, and one of the premier horror attraction in the state of Florida.
You are invited to join them for an epic experience in one of the most famous historical sites in Seminole County.

Here is the 2016 storyline of Face the Fear as developed by our team of scary-tellers
The historic Longwood Hotel is now the home of Inter-Spatial Confluent Radical Energy Measurement, Inc – a start up company in the emerging field of quantum mechanics. iScrem, or Ice Cream as it is known by the founders and employees, is developing a technology that identifies and measures wave particle duality for use as a potential clean energy source for the future.

The hotel was chosen as iScrem’s headquarters because it is known to have an unusually high wave particle field. What a better way or better place to develop and test their technology?
(it is merely a coincidence that the hotel is known to be an extremely haunted location with a long history of strange activity)

To introduce themselves to the public, a grand opening celebration has been planned. iScrem is hosting an Ice Cream social themed open house. It is a party designed to show the public some of the possibilities of this newly developed energy. At the event guest will get the chance to tour their labs and see the displays where the new inter-spatial measurement and visualization equipment and software are being developed. The night will explain the high tech in a low tech way so each guest will not only know tech but feel good about the research.

What could possibly go wrong?
Join us…but be warned you might become one of the many who say “iScrem!”